The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.

– Howard Cosell

It was a day worthy to be remembered, as students and staff of Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstrations School (MCFDS), gathered to witness the school’s first annual inter-house sports competition, held recently at the MCFDS sports complex.

The March past which opened the day shortly after the students had done their opening performance showcased the different school houses proudly displaying their paramilitary skills to the cheering crowd was well performed by the Queen house as they emerged winners. The chairman of the day, Prof. Patrick Muogboghare received the salutes and gifts presented by the houses.

The race commenced after the March past amidst cheers and encouragement from parents, students, and other athletes. The parent and staff races were highly entertaining with the students pleasantly surprised at the strength and speed displayed by their teachers and parents. The staff race which also featured a race between the Michael and Cecilia Ibru University staff and the MCFDs staff ended with MCIU coasting to victory.

The students competed in short and long distance races, long and high jump, picking the balls, filling the bottles, lime race and shot put.

Prof. Patrick Muoboghare was the chairperson of the day, His Eminence HRM Okorefe 1 (JP) Ovie of Agbarha –Otor Kingdom was represented by Her Royal Majesty Queen Okorefe as the royal father of the day,

In her speech, the proprietress/ co-founder of the school stated that the chairman of the occasion performed a great role in the establishment of the school, she expressed her joy seeing that the students are both academically and socially trained knowing that sport is a very essential tool to enhance not only the development of the students but also help their minds and teach them good teamwork.

The invitation relay was nothing short of excitement as other schools came with their students to compete. The audience saw a very tight run up during this relay as every school seemed to have come prepared for the competition. At the end of the invitation relay, boys from Oharisi secondary school emerged winners in the male category while the girls of Otovwodo grammar school emerged winners in the female category. Other schools in attendance where Ekiugbo grammar school, Ibru College, Agbarha technical school, Emoghe grammar school etc.

At the end of the day, Blue house (Pillars house) came tops of all the event with the highest points, while  White house (School house) in second place, Green house (Ken-city house) in third place and Yellow house (Queen house) in the fourth position.

Gbondo Raymond of the School house, was awarded as the overall best male athlete after winning five gold medals, Umukoro Fejiri of Queen house was awarded as the overall best female athlete at the senior level while at the junior level, Tekewe Oguekewo of School house was awarded the female overall best and Great Oguekewo also of School house was awarded the overall best male. They were all given a cash prize of five thousand naira each by Prof. Okpako Egodotaire.

Guests, Parents and Students were thrilled by budding sportsmanship of the students and were very happy to see that the occasion was very well put together and coordinated considering it was the school’s first inter-house sports competition.