Other Philanthropic Activities

Michael and Cecilia Foundation offers full and partial scholarships to outstanding indigent students within its areas of operation. The foundation is also involved in other philanthropic initiatives such as providing food for children and the needy in our host community every Friday, provision of free medical services, and distribution of clothing to the aged, pregnant women, and children in the community.

Lagos State Rehabilitation Centre, Majidun

We are proud of the work we are doing at the Lagos Rehabilitation Centre, Majidun where we provide weekly feeding to the children at the centre. In addition, we have a monthly outreach that enables us to provide care packages to the motherless babies and young children at the centre. We are looking into launching counselling services at Majidun.

Through these services, the foundation has provided employment for the community and the region as a whole. Our staff are dedicated, disciplined and hardworking, ensuring that the foundation’s visions and goals are achieved. Their contributions include teaming up with volunteers and students to assist those in our areas of operation through quarterly community service programmes.