The Michael and Cecilia Foundation is involved in numerous life-changing initiatives that are crucial to the betterment of individuals and society, especially the less privileged.

The foundation funds education and counselling services, empowerment programs for girls and women, vocational training and apprenticeship programs, early childhood education initiatives, and community development projects such as feeding, the provision of potable water and electricity, among others.

The foundation strives to alleviate poverty and make life more meaningful for people in Nigeria.

At MCF we understand that human and community development is vital to the positive transformation of our country and the African continent at large. Our foundation supports a variety of people-centred projects under the three broad categories of health and wellbeing, education, livelihoods, and agriculture.

We work with an understanding that the outcome of each project will be an improved life for the beneficiaries. Our projects reflect our essence and raison d’être, whether it is embarking on huge projects like the establishment of a world-class university that is set to raise a new generation of leaders and nation builders, or teaching skills to individuals that will ensure they move out of poverty to become self-reliant.

Our Programs

To get a full understanding of our work, check out the program areas below, and read how our projects are making an impact in our fields of operation across Nigeria.

MCF Leadership Academy
Cecilia Ibru Moulding School for Young Women
MCF Women Empowerment Scheme
MCF Community Development Projects