On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, popularly known as Democracy Day, Michael and Cecilia Foundation (MCF) turned up at the Delta Mall Warri for its maiden edition of Family Fitness Day.

Armstrong Li Cheering on the Crowd

‘Our goal for the fitness classes is to transform the fitness experience and inject fun into training sessions with an arcade-style environment while keeping students and staff healthy.’

The goal of this event is to promote fitness and encourage families to make exercising a part of their daily routine. As early as 7 am, fathers, mothers, youth, and children were running, jogging and sweating it out with the help of our VIP fitness trainers- Armstrong Li and EmmaPassions.

American Football Exhibition
Skipping Challenge

All the institutions under MCF were well represented at the four half-hours “activity session”. There were competitions and challenges on skipping, push-ups, battle rope, and dance. Winners were given gifts by MCF, MCIU and our sponsors.

Contestant during the skipping challenge
Celebratory hugs
Guests during the event

As the day progressed, more people joined in these fun but athletic activities. According to one of the participants, Mrs. Grace, the session was “one of the toughest she had done in a while”. She praised the organizer of the event (MCF) and fitness instructors. “ I did 10 push-ups. I’m so proud of myself” She said beaming.

Kids Dance Competition
MCFDS Orchestra

All through the event, the Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration School (MCFDS), kept the crowd entertained. Our sponsors also gave out freebies and MCIU American Football team did a little parade which got a lot of cheers from the crowd.

Students during the Battle rope Challenge
Students during the Battle rope Challenge

By 10 am, the rains came down and this did little to dampen people’s enthusiasm. Competitions continued in the rain after which gifts were given. Coach Mike Akpan, Sports Master, and event coordinator were ecstatic that the event was successful. “ I thank the management of the Michael and Cecilia Foundation and our sponsors. It’s a great event and I’m happy everyone had a blast. There will definitely be a second edition, which I hope will be grander.”

Armstrong Li given instructions on battle rope challenge
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