The Foundation’s farm project was conceived basically to enhance food sufficiency and security in our area of influence and as well alleviating poverty from the lives of the people. The idea is to turn the rural sector around to become participating and efficient in food production. It is to bring agriculture to a remunerative level and make it lucrative in order to reduce the poverty level of the people within the host community and environs.

This the Foundation is doing by introducing new methods and inputs to enhance efficiency. Presently, the Foundation farms include Plantain, cassava, okro, vegetables such as green, pumpkins, etc; and fruits such as pawpaw, pine apple, mango, water melon, tomatoes, garden eggs etc, We also embark on animal husbandry such as poultry, Snailery, Fishery etc. The farm is being currently upgraded. Thus some other crops and animals are at the experimental stage.

The MCF Farm Project was conceived basically to facilitate food sufficiency in the area and for poverty alleviation. The Foundation intends to achieve the following:

  1. To broaden the socio-economic bandwidth in the area contribute to the improvement of the economy of the community through aggressive production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and related services.
  2. To propagate and facilitate improved agricultural development by teaching local-based technology and innovative techniques to indigenous farmers in the host community and environs.
  3. To promote agricultural training of the youths within the host community and environs for optimum and rational use of available natural resources.
  4. To facilitate the technical, economic and socio-cultural training of youth beneficiaries to set up their own agricultural enterprise in various locations by the end of their training.

The Foundation is presently involved in livestock and crop farming.  We are into catfish farming, snail farming and poultry farming. We grow a wide variety of crops including vegetables, cassava, yam, maize, melon among others. We intend to go into full scale food processing


Land Cultivation

In order to facilitate food sufficiency in the area and for poverty alleviation, the foundation has planted about three thousand plantain suckers which are now growing rapidly due to proper maintenance and manure application. By next year our target of nothing less than ten thousand stands of plantain shall be achieved.

The foundation have been able to plant about seven hectares of cassava, but we have a target of planting nothing less down forty hectares, in order to achieve this target proper measures have been put in place and the planting operation still continues. Plate II shows part of the cassava farm.


Green leaf, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Okra, Pepper, Ugu

There are various types of vegetables as mentioned above in MCF vegetable garden which are contributing immensely to food production in the environment.

Cucumber, Water Melon, Garden Egg. Fruits were being planted on the farm for environs’ consumption.

Livestock Farming


Snails were stocked in our Snailery and they are increasing due to new snails been hatched by the previously stocked ones.


Broilers were been reared and consumed or sold out to the interested member of the environment at intervals, presently there are two months old birds on ground and about two weeks old chicks in the poultry house.


The fish pond have been stocked with catfish about five hundred fingerlings.