At MCF we understand that human and community development is vital to the positive transformation for our country and the African continent at large. Our Foundation supports a variety of human centred projects under the three broad categories of Health and Wellbeing, Education, and, Livelihoods and agriculture.

We work with an understanding that these individuals projects will lead to a similar outcome of an improved life for the beneficiaries. Our projects are a reflection of who we are, whether it is when we embark on huge projects like the establishment of a world class university, set to raise a new generation of leaders, and nation builders, or teach skills to individuals that will ensure they move out of poverty to a self-reliant livelihood.

To get a full understanding of our work, visit the programme areas below, and read how our projects are making an impact in the region.

  1. Infectious Disease Prevention
  2. Public-Private Partnership Immunization Foundation (PPPIF)
  3. Pregnant & Teenage Mothers Program
  4. Elderly care
  5. Orphanage outreach
  6. Prison Service
  1. Train a child program
  2. Classical Concert
  3. University Project
  4. MCF Demonstration schools