Welcome to the Michael and Cecilia Foundation

The Michael and Cecilia Foundation is dedicated to providing a better quality of life for Nigerians. We provide support in three major areas – health, education and livelihoods. Our work is founded on global best practices and ethical standards that guide humanitarian services and development practices all over the world.

We understand that human and community development is vital to the positive transformation of our society.

We work with an understanding that the outcome of each project will be an improved life for the beneficiaries.


Community Based Projects


Scholarships Awarded

Life-changing initiatives

The Michael and Cecilia Foundation is involved in numerous life-changing initiatives that are crucial to the betterment of individuals and society, especially the less privileged.

What people are saying

"All thanks to God and MCF, my son enjoyed scholarship all through his secondary school. Last year he graduated as a medical doctor, this great achievement wouldn't have been possible if not for the scholarship!"
Antonia Odomeru
Delta State
"Thank you MCF for the medical support!"
Esther Adebola
, Lagos
"My mum can now see clearly with the glasses she got in September 2021!"
, Ughelli