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Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools (MCFDS) resumed September 22nd for boarding and September 23rd for day students.  Having had a sophisticated grand opening ceremony on September 28th in Ibru Village Agbarha-Otor where the demonstration schools are located, the students are on a “Quest for Excellence in a changing world” which is the schools motto.  


MCFDS is a group of schools comprising of Day Care, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools.  Focusing on the overall development of the total child with a sound Christian foundation is of top priority.  The standard of “Excellence” is radiated throughout the environment from physical attributes to high quality academic educational expectations.  The school enforces an ecofriendly environment where people can be seen cycling and walking throughout going about their daily duties and functions.


MCF Demonstration Day Care

Designed as a gentle transition from home to school, our Programmme  encourages cooperative learning, fosters a sense of community among children and provides the toddlers increasing independence. Care for self and care of environment are stressed during lessons on practical life and daily living. The children are particularly sensitive to language development, sensorial stimuli and movement at this age, so in this environment they are prepared to maximize language and gross motor experience.  Here they are able to develop physical coordination, enjoy music and rhythm exploration, and learn using their whole bodies. By working with the children’s natural tendencies we show them that we respect their childhood, thus encouraging them to enjoy learning.  

Both indoor and outdoor environments are rich in language experiences. Children’s literature is always available to the children for their own exploration. Story time may occur in quiet corners of the classroom under a canopy. Oral language development is encouraged through social interaction, as well as through audio, songs and rhymes. Students enjoy learning through a state of the art play room where they are exposed to make their choice of activities as are provided.


MCF Demonstration Nursery School
Using the Montessori Methodology MCFD Nursery school focuses on the following steps in educating students:


Practical life — Children learn how to tie their shoes and put on their blazers, prepare their own snacks and drinks, go to the bathroom without help, and clean up after themselves if they spill something.


Sensory awareness education — Exercises make sure children use all five senses to learn.

Language arts
 — Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are taught to trace and recognize letters as a precursor to learning reading, spelling, grammar, and handwriting skills.


Mathematics and Geometry — Children learn about numbers through hands-on techniques using concrete materials.


Cultural subjects — Children learn about other countries (geography), animals (zoology), time, history, music, movement, science, agric science and art.


MCF Demonstration Secondary School
Diligence, Dedication Discipline and Determination are the core values which aid students to develop confidence in achievements at higher levels academically, socially and personally.  MCF Demonstration Secondary school students are given an international curriculum with experiences that will help them to compete globally.  Students have had excursions  to Dr. Bruce Onokbrakpeya’s museum (here at his hometown - Agbarha - Otor), where the students were exposed to various forms of art and artists.  Through the annual Cecilia Ibru Classical Concert, students were exposed to classical music. In the area of Technology, they have already made an excursion to see the Private Collection of The Olorogun Michael C. O. Ibru Classical Cars. Being we are in the Information age predicated on technogical determinism, each child is armed with his / her laptop for use along with the use of Smartboards to aid classroom work and timeliness in ensuring all home work is handled with all seriousness. The Secondary School has a drama program where they learn various forms and styles of drama in four languages (2 foreign and 2 Nigerian). The Junior Secondary School has had 2 public performances thus far and have done astoundingly well to the delight of parents and guests. 


MCF Demonstration schools nestling in Agbarha-Otor where great learning is taking place.  Students are growing daily becoming better prepared to complete competently locally, nationally and globally.  MCF Demonstration Schools Quest for Excellence has had qualitative and blessed beginnings, we look forward to many great success stories of achievements ahead. 


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About Us

To raise well rounded high achieving students who will be top flyers in tertiary education and research.

Mission Mission:
To reduce poverty by providing functional education for students to develop their God given abilities to His Glory and become useful members of society.


Philosophy Philosophy:
To use theories proven to enhance learning so that students can develop to their fullest potential and survive the rigors of academic life in tertiary institutions.


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