Health Programme

The Foundation’s health programme focuses mainly on awareness and preventive measures from HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis, and Malaria to Tuberculosis. We oversee the ‘Public-Private Partnership Immunization Foundation (PPPIF), a foundation that is fulfilling the dream of sustainable immunization in Nigeria.


PPPIF is also in partnership with the National Programme on immunization (NPI), Organized Private Sector, other development agencies and public-spirited individuals. PPPIF offers free immunization of children against all child-killer disease including polio.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Programme prepares individuals to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employments that are consistent with their abilities, career interest and choices.


Service offered include: Career Counseling, Peer Counseling, Business Plan Assistance, Micro Finance Sourcing, Vocational Evaluation, CV/Resume preparation Techniques, Job interview Preparation Techniques and other pre and post employment services.

Elderly Day Care

Our elderly day care is a social service programme for adults aged seventy and above, in a community based setting for the purpose of providing personal attention as well as promoting social, physical and emotional well being.


Services offered include: Case Management, Counselling, Limited Health Checks, Development of Hobbies, Meals On wheels and activities such as Television Viewing, Games and Group Eating.

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