Facaulty of Social & Management Sciences


Academic Pattern: Phasing of Academic Programmes
The proposed University shall have six Faculties, twenty-four departments and thirty academic programmes at the ultimate year. However, the Faculties shall be established in three phases such that there will be gradual progression of academic activities from inception. In this connection, mostly basic academic programmes shall be mounted in the first phase of development, to lay the foundation for the more professional programmes that shall be mounted in subsequent phases as follows:

Phase I: 1st - 5th Year

Two Faculties and General and Entrepreneurship Studies Unit shall be mounted variously in the first phase as listed below:

1. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences   2. Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences  
  • >> Department of Accounting & Banking and Finance
  • >> Department of Basic and Applied Sciences
>> Department of Business Administration;   >> Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
>> Department of Economics   >> Department of Computer Science  
    >> Department of Biochemistry  
Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

3. General and Entrepreneurship Studies Unit
The proposed Michael and Cecilia Ibru University will establish a General Studies Unit in this phase of academic development. The Unit, though not degree awarding, will undertake and coordinate the teaching of compulsory general studies courses in liberal education in the humanities, entrepreneurship and social sciences. These general courses are meant to sharpen the entrepreneurial and administrative skills of the students and they are required as the graduates of every discipline are likely to find placement in administrative and advisory positions in their future employment.

Phase II: 5th – 10th Year

This phase will consolidate the development of the programmes of the institution. The Faculties earmarked for this phase are as follows:

1. Faculty of Management Sciences

  2. Faculty of Humanities  
  • >> Department of Actuarial Science

>> Department of Languages and Linguistics

>> Department of Public Administration  

>> Department of History and International Studies

  • >> Department of Religious Studies
3. Faculty of Social Sciences   >> Department of Theatre Arts  
>> Department of Geography   >> Department of Mass Communication  
>> Department of Sociology      
>> Department of Psychology   4. Faculty of Law  
>> Department of Political Science  
  • >> Department of Public Law
    >> Department of Private and Property Law  

5. Postgraduate School

The proposed University will establish a Postgraduate School in its sixth year of existence to coordinate postgraduate (PGD, Masters and Ph.D.) programmes in the various disciplines.

Phase III: 11th – Ultimate Years


Faculty of Engineering

which is capital intensive shall be introduced in this phase when the University would have stabilized and the basic courses have matured.

  • >> Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • >> Department of Civil Engineering
  • >> Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • >> Department of Mechanical Engineering


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