About Michael And Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU)


The Birth of the Dream


Olorogun Michael AwardOlorogun Michael Ibru loved every moment of his secondary and boarding education at Igbobi College. And out of his love for knowledge, Olorogun Michael Ibru donated a whole college –  Agbarha College, later re-named Ibru College - to his people; donated classroom blocks, vehicles and money to various educational institutions and charity organisations; awarded several scholarships to deserving Nigerian students in secondary schools and institutions of higher learning both in Nigeria and abroad, and sponsored various sporting activities in order to ensure an even development of the mind, soul and body, which is the primary objective of education.
 In full recognition of his dedicated service to the cause of education and his vast capacity and willingness to continue sponsoring that cause, the former Midwest State government appointed Olorogun Michael Ibru member of the Provisional Council of the University of Benin in 1975.

Ologorun Michael Ibru’s dream of excellence in education which he acquired in his leadership positions at Igbobi as head of cricket, head of house, and school prefect under the tutelage of Canon Parker and Mr. & Mrs. Mason (blessed memory) has escalated to the founding of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU).

Olorogun Michael & Dr. (Mrs.) Ibru share the same passion of excellence in education and have jointly put together the establishment of an international standard in University education at MCIU. Olorogun Michael Ibru dreamed the dream and Dr. (Mrs.) Cecilia Ibru execute; the perfect partnership and co-operation.


Dr. (Mrs.) Cecilia Ibru’s passion derived from her experience growing up witnessing her father Chief Edward Sido, LLB establishing primary and secondary schools. Michael and Cecilia Ibru University is the first educational project of the Michael and Cecilia Foundation. The proprietors of the Foundation are from families who have been committed to education for the poor as far back as in the 1950s.



Education (especially university education) has been identified as the most powerful tool for social reform, which imparts knowledge,Dr. Cecilia Ibru: Award skills and character to the individual through teaching, learning and experimental activity. It provides opportunity for advanced learning to students towards the granting of academic awards at the bachelors, masters and doctorate levels. Universities also provide an environment where scholars and teachers debate and exchange ideas freely as well as carry out research in the pursuit of knowledge, truth and development so as to make the world a better place for mankind. The word university comes from the Latin phrase “Universitas magnistorum et scholarum” meaning “community of teachers and scholars” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007 Michael and Cecilia University aims at providing such an environment.

The first free private primary school known as “Sido Preparatory Day School” was established in the fifties by the late Magistrate Edward Sido, The Otota of Udu Kingdom. He later established the Sido College of Commerce in the early nineteen sixties which was later renamed United College of Commerce after joining forces with his friend and business partner, Chief Kagho. Late Chief Edward Sido the father of Dr. Cecilia Ibru; and Late Chief Ogegede Ogekpo, Dr. Cecilia Ibru‟s Grandfather, donated two parcels of land for the establishment of the first primary and first modern school in his village of Aladja in Udu local Government area. In the 1930s when the education of girls was frowned at, Chief Ogepko sent his only child, Victoria, to school. He urged and encouraged all his grandchildren to do well in school. He used to say in his native Urhobo language “akpo rutcha na, akpo re pene” meaning “the future is the world of the pen” therefore, anyone who is not educated will be lost.

Olorogun Michael Ibru was the first to establish a secondary school in his village Agbara-Otor, known as the Ibru College. Olorogun Michael Ibru and his wife Dr. Cecilia Ibru have given countless university scholarships to students from every part of Nigeria. Dr. Cecilia Ibru has donated school furniture to primary schools in Kebbi, and computers to institutions in the Eastern States of Nigeria, among others. Today, beneficiaries of these awards and institutions are actively involved in nation building in Nigeria and abroad. Having travelled the world and saw how education transformed society, especially in the developed world; a fire of actualization was kindled in us , and over the years, the more we travelled, the more we appreciated consistent knowledge acquisition and application.

Whilst living abroad and participating in the university, faculty, public school, primary and nursery education system in the west. A factor of our entire family experience, we can therefore attest to the influence good qualitative education has had on our personalities, thinking processes and attitude towards value creation. We came to understand that where there is qualitative education, the attendant skills and abilities are acquired to create value to meet the needs of Society. We believe that it is this singular factor which has demarcated rich societies from poor societies; because it is obvious that where there is sound education, poverty is gradually reduced and the quality of life is generally comparatively better than areas with poor educational systems.

In today‟s job markets, premium is placed on sound education and one‟s ability to apply ones‟ learning globally. Specialization and standardization has continued to command focus especially in the top echelons of industries such as information Communication Technology (ICT) which has continued to cut across all facets of life. ICT has become the platform and measure of efficiency in almost all professions and consumer end markets.

The Federal Government is to be congratulated for opening up avenues to the Private Sector in the granting of license to Private Universities; especially since our country, Nigeria, will need many more universities to ensure that good value creation is sustained. It is our dream that the university system will become centres of research and excellence, thus creating more value and opportunities for continuous growth and development.
With these mind sets and our family involvement in education from primary, commercial and secondary grammar schools, it became compellingly imperative for us to pool our resources together in the establishment of a university of excellence, comparable to any in the world.



Michael and Cecilia Ibru University proposes to be a University that will reduce poverty by raising well rounded graduates who will be builders of any society in which they find themselves. The focus will be on an all round development of the individual member of the university community without discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity or religion. Students will receive quality education in line with international standards and will be ready to stand challenges of work, life and spirituality.


The mission of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University is to empower its students and communities through functional education and services that will guarantee reduction of poverty for maximum impact on the development of Nigeria and other societies.



The university will be a centre of excellence that will inculcate in the students critical and analytical thinking skills as well as kindness and generosity. This will enable them to succeed in whatever situation or problem they find themselves without hurting others. There will be a sense of freedom and responsibility in the university and students will see themselves as individuals and members of the Nigerian and global community. The university will be a green university where students will develop a sense to save the earth by caring for their immediate environment. The university will also promote commitment to the ideals of democracy as a means by which society will govern itself and care for her citizens.



In a bid to achieve its mission, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University plans to:

i) Produce skilled high level manpower who are globally competitive and, irrespective of their course of study, shall be independent, self-employed and relevant to the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy and international development;

ii) Encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education;

iii) Create a stimulating and challenging academic environment, provide requisite facilities for the pursuit of effective teaching, learning, research and the acquisition of a liberal education as are appropriate for a University of the highest standing as well as make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from the use of the facilities;

iv) Advance scholarship, knowledge, research and professionalism; and to promote by research and other means the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, moral, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems in relevant fields of learning;

v) Promote excellence in science and technology to meet the challenges of the global village;

vi) Inculcate creative and innovative values as well as entrepreneur capacities in students and foster in them an orientation consistent with the philosophy of the university of producing disciplined, upright, morally and ethically sound cultured and patriotic men and women so as to make them more relevant to the national development process thereby ushering in the new Nigeria of our collective dream;

vii) Complement the efforts of Government by generating employment opportunity for Nigerians,

viii) Relate the activities of the University to the contemporary social, economic and material needs of its environment; and

ix) Undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.


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